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All types of thermometers offers a wide range of different thermometers. For example, we have thermometers to measure your body temperature or that of your child to find out if there is a fever.

But also thermometers for measuring the current indoor or outdoor temperature and even thermometers to measure the core temperature of meat or fish. is the specialist when it comes to temperature measurement!

Fever thermometers

At you can find various types of thermometers for measuring fever.

Baby thermometer: ideal for measuring fever in babies.

Ear thermometer: for quick and reliable measurement of the temperature through the ear.

Forehead Thermometer: (non-contact thermometer or infrared thermometer) the hygienic solution, there is no contact with the human body.

Other fever thermometers: digital fever thermometers with a rectal or oral measurement or measurement via the armpits.


Kitchen thermometers

In the kitchen thermometers category you will find meat thermometers and wine thermometers. A meat thermometer is suitable for measuring the core temperature of meat or fish.

Especially with large pieces of meat, it is very important to know whether the meat is well cooked on the inside. This way you also know immediately whether your meat is medium rare or well done. Most food thermometers also come with a handy kitchen timer!

A wine thermometer is suitable for measuring the temperature of wine. Wine temperature meters can measure the precise temperature of the wine through the outside of the bottle. This way you serve the perfect wine, neither too cold nor too warm!

Measure indoor and outdoor temperature

Various thermometers can be found in the indoor and outdoor thermometers category. Here you will find handy hygrometers for measuring the humidity in the house, handy indoor and outdoor thermometers, but also weather stations for a complete weather forecast!

Weerstation Thermometer

Best Thermometers

For convenience, we have made a selection by category of the best rated thermometers at the moment. We would of course like to give you some tips, so that you can better consider which thermometer is most suitable for your specific situation.

For one person, for example, a simple and cheap mercury thermometer will suffice, while for others it may be wise to invest in a good and possibly somewhat more expensive non-contact thermometer, digital ear thermometer or complete weather station.


The has a wide range of good thermometers to measure human body temperature and thus keep an eye on whether there is a slight increase or high fever.

Whichever method is used to measure, the thermometers of the thermometer shop are carefully selected and all measure the temperature very accurately.

Baby thermometer

For the little ones it is not pleasant to have a fever and certainly not to have the temperature taken by the parents. That is why there are special baby thermometers in the shape of a pacifier. These thermometers measure the temperature in about a minute without seriously disturbing the baby or toddler.

If the baby thermometer indicates a fever, it is advisable to measure again rectally to be sure. A baby thermometer is a very good method for a first, not annoying, measuring method.

Digital thermometer

A digital thermometer is specially designed to quickly measure body temperature without further ado. A good digital thermometer measures quickly and has a memory for the last measurement. Most digital fever thermometers even give a signal when a fever has been detected.

Ear thermometer

A digital fever thermometer measures quickly, often within one second. Using an ear thermometer is simple: insert the measuring tip correctly in the ear, press the button and read the body temperature. An ear thermometer has good reliability.

Measuring the temperature with an ear thermometer may take some practice at first; but practice makes perfect. With these 6 tips, using an ear thermometer will be a piece of cake.


Most people have a small difference in temperature and therefore measurement results per ear. It is therefore important to always measure in the same ear in order to properly identify changes in temperature.


Sleeping on the ear can affect the temperature. Therefore, after sleeping, wait a few minutes before measuring, or if there is no other way, measure in the other ear.


Make sure the ear is clean. Too much wax hinders the accuracy of the measurement.


Also clean the thermometer itself after each measurement or use a separate cap for each measurement if these are available for the thermometer. Cleaning can be done with, for example, a cleaning cloth with alcohol or a damp cloth.


Before measuring, pull slightly on the ear to align the ear canal. Always carefully insert the thermometer into the ear canal.


Lay moving children flat with their head to the side and their ear up.

Forehead thermometer / infrared thermometer

Measure hygienically using a non-contact thermometer. A digital forehead thermometer measures through the forehead, often just a few seconds away from the body. The forehead thermometers, also called infrared thermometer, use infrared light or Blue Focus Light.

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