Fever thermometers

View the best body thermometers here: from baby and ear thermometers to digital and forehead thermometers (infrared).


Measuring fever

The temperature of the human body ranges from about 36 °C to 37.5 °C. Deviations or fluctuations hereof often depend on the condition and are therefore completely natural. However, if the temperature rises above 38 °C, there is a fever.

A fever thermometer measures body temperature by means of rectal or oral measurement. There are also fever thermometers that can measure the temperature through the armpit.

Of course we also thought about the babies. A baby thermometer measures the temperature of your baby in a child-friendly way. How about a thermometer in the shape of a teat. The baby does not even notice that the temperature is being measured!

Ear and forehead thermometers

It is also possible to measure the temperature through the ear or forehead. Measuring with an ear thermometer is one of the fastest ways to measure temperature.

Many ear thermometers have a reliable measurement result within a second. We recommend that you always measure through the same ear to avoid temperature differences.

A forehead thermometer measures the temperature without contact with the body. This is the most hygienic method to measure the temperature.


Many fever thermometers also have a so-called ‘fever alarm’. This means that the thermometer gives a signal when it measures a temperature of more than 38 °C.


Baby thermometer

The best thermometers for babies and toddlers.

Special thermometers for babies and toddlers

Nothing is more annoying than taking the temperature of a baby or toddler. That is why the special baby thermometers are so handy: they have the shape of a pacifier so that the child will not even notice that he has a thermometer in his mouth. The outside display will show the temperature after about one minute. These fever thermometers for babies are completely safe to use and often have a cheerful design. A cheerful ear thermometer also belongs to the range of thermometers for babies.

Ear and teat thermometers for babies or toddlers

The Thermometer Shop has a wide range of thermometers for little ones. Choose a brightly colored pacifier thermometer or an ear thermometer for children. The range covers various reliable brands. For example, choose from:

  • – Medisana
  • – Microlife
  • – Beurer
  • – Topcom

Be on the safe side

As long as there is no fever or if there is only a slight increase, the baby or toddler does not need to be further bothered and the teat thermometer is an ideal measuring method for little ones. From a temperature of 37.5 °C, also take the temperature rectally to be sure. This can be done with a special digital fever thermometer. These thermometers can of course also be purchased online at the thermometer shop.

Ear thermometer

A good digital ear thermometer quickly and accurately measures body temperature through the ear.

An ear thermometer is reliable and fast

Measuring body temperature via the ear is not only done within one second, it is also a reliable measuring method. This is because changes in body temperature are sent very quickly and precisely from the control center in the head to the eardrum, because these parts of the body enjoy the same blood supply. We have digital ear thermometers from:

  • – Omron 
  • – Braun
  • – Microlife

Tips for measuring with an ear thermometer

Always measure the temperature in the same ear because the temperature per person always differs slightly per ear. This is very natural. Preferably do not measure immediately after sleeping if it is on the ear, because the temperature will then be higher than reality. In that case, wait a few minutes. In addition, always measure with a clean thermometer in a cleaned ear for the very best results.

Forehead thermometer

A good digital forehead thermometer is hygienic to use, reliable and fast.

Measure with infrared or Blue Light Focus

A forehead thermometer, also called an infrared thermometer, works with the help of infrared light or blue focus light. Forehead thermometers are often also suitable for measuring surfaces other than the skin, such as baby food or liquids. A forehead thermometer provides the most hygienic way to measure the temperature. Separate filters are therefore not necessary for these thermometers. We have digital forehead thermometers from:

  • – Medisana
  • – Microlife
  • – Beurer

Thermometers met koortsalarm

Most thermometers give a signal when there is a fever, a so-called fever alarm. There is a slight fever / increase at a body temperature above 37.5 °C. At a temperature higher than 38 °C there is a fever. In case of a persistently (2 days or longer) high temperature above 39 °C, contact your doctor.

Digital thermometers

The best digital fever thermometers from Braun and Medisana, among others, can be found here.

A good digital thermometer is necessary

Every household needs a good thermometer. For a simple flu, a visit to the doctor is often unnecessary, but it is still essential to know if there is a fever. When the fever persists for a few days, it is still important to visit the doctor. A good fever thermometer offers the solution and quickly provides clarity about the body temperature.

Compare the best digital fever thermometers

The thermometer shop has various types of fever thermometers in its range. You can also choose an ear thermometer or forehead thermometer, but a good compact fever thermometer is of course indispensable in the house. The thermometer shop has various reliable brands in its range. Choose from, for example, a fever thermometer from:

  • – Medisana
  • – Braun
  • – Microlife
  • – Promed

Different methods of measuring fever

With a digital fever thermometer, the body temperature can be measured in different ways: via the armpit, orally or rectally. Especially orally and rectally give the correct temperature quickly. For hygiene reasons, always wipe the thermometer with a damp cloth after use. Microlife even has a special thermometer for animals so that really every member of the household can be monitored.

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