Meat thermometers

View the best kitchen thermometers here: from fish and meat thermometers to digital vegetable and core thermometers.

The best meat thermometers

With our meat thermometers you can quickly and easily measure the core temperature of the meat. This is ideal for large cuts of meat such as a whole chicken, steak or bacon. This way you know immediately whether the meat or fish is cooked and whether it can be served!

Overview core temperature of meat

For many recipes it is important to prepare the meat in a certain way. Medium, rare or just well done. Sometimes that is difficult to see, so it is useful to measure the core temperature of the meat with a meat thermometer. Below is a handy overview of the core temperatures of different types of meat.

Raw 40 – 45 °C
Red 50 – 55 °C
Rose 55 – 60 °C 65 – 70 °C 60 – 65 °C 68 – 70 °C
Cooked 65 – 70 °C 75 – 80 °C 70 – 75 °C 70 – 75 °C 80 °C 80 – 85 °C 70 °C 62 – 77 °C
Kerntemperatuur vlees meten digitaal

Wine thermometers

Serve the best wine using a wine thermometer. A wine is best when it has the right temperature. A wine that is too warm or too cold can be very annoying for the gourmets and also destroy the intended taste. That is why a wine thermometer is indispensable for the real wine lover.

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